International Institute for Peace

International Institute For Peace

The International Institute for Peace (IIP) is an international, non-governmental organization with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The IIP has consultative status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and the United Nations Organization for Education, Science, Culture and Communication (UNESCO). It operates on the basis of Austrian law as a non-profit association. Established in 1956, the Institute was re-founded by its former president Erwin Lanc in 1989, and its current president is Dr. Hannes Swoboda.

The IIP functions as a platform to promote peace and non-violent conflict resolution across the world to a wide range of stakeholders – scholars, diplomats, practitioners, military personnel, and civil society as well as students and private citizens. The Institute strives to address the most topical issues of the day and promote dialogue, public engagement, and a common understanding to ensure a holistic approach to conflict resolution and a durable peace.