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Our aim

The FEMICIDE team’s work is aimed at raising awareness about and promoting exchange on the topic of femicide, the killing of women because they are women, within the UN framework.

Our work

Since 2012 the FEMICIDE team, which is wholeheartedly dedicated to ending all forms of violence against women, has called for global action, to end the killing of women because they are women, shown what has been done and what has to be done to improve the safety of women in conflict and in flight, made people aware of the abuse and femicide of older women, tackled the issue of contemporary forms of enslavement of women and girls, attracted attention to state responsibility with regard to femicide, and urged the establishment of a Femicide Watch in every country.

Sadly, there are still many forms of violence against women and so many manifestations of femicide needing to be addressed.

Through by now 12 volumes of the FEMICIDE publication and numerous events on the topic concerned the FEMICIDE team has raised awareness about heinous unprosecuted crimes, which for many years have been silently witnessed by UN Member States, and will not end their work until violence against women and femicide has been eradicated. A long fight lies ahead of us; however, we are full of hope.

Seeing early volumes of FEMICIDE and the outcomes of our FEMICIDE events being used as important resources by delegates in negotiating and adopting the first resolution on gender-related killings by the General Assembly in 2013 confirmed the relevance of our work. A second resolution followed in 2015.

Our means

To serve this purpose, the FEMICIDE team uses the FEMICIDE publication series, the Femicide Watch Online Platform and the FEMICIDE events.

Recent Activities


: Femicide Vol. XIII: Collecting Data on Femicide

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls UNSA Vienna published FEMICIDE Volume XII on "Collecting Data on Femicide".

: Femicide Video Series

Since the rate of violence against women has increased during the COVID19-crisis, we think it is appropriate to raise even more awareness on Femicide and therefore have decided to turn June into our "End Femicide" month. As part of our Femicide Volume XIII Publication we have received several videos from experts and activists defining Femicide and stating why data collection is important. This video series can now be watched on our brand new YouTube Channel!

: Expert Meeting on the Role of Women in Organised Crime


On the 2019 International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the United Nations Studies Association (UNSA) Vienna organized an expert meeting on women’s roles in organised criminal activities and human trafficking networks. Further, the topic of organised crime related femicide was debated by the experts.

Read here UNSA Vienna's statement on Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention

On this given occasion, namely the COVID-19 crisis, FEMICIDE Volume XIV, Femicide in the History and Presence of Pandemics, aims to analyze and question the impact of pandemics on the issue of femicide from diverse perspectives.

Celebrating women’s leadership within the present global context.